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RYIpay wallet app is built as a decentralized asset management tool for cryptocurrencies that are immune to inflation, confiscation, or censorship. It packs features designed to onboard investment-oriented individuals into a crypto ecosystem without headaches.

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It’s designed to keep assets secure and easy to restore even if the phone is stolen and tampered with
self-custodial wallet, that’s 100% open source.

Password and Pin

Manage any number of cryptocurrencies across multiple portfolio style wallets in a non-custodial manner. This wallet is like your own bank where you are the only client and the only one in charge.


DeFi Wallet

A DeFi Wallet >> Full support for decentralized token exchanges (Uniswap / PancakeSwap / 1inch) capable of executing high volume token exchanges in minutes at competitive market rates

DEFI Web3 Browser

RYIPAY gives you an intuitive and secure built-in Web3 Browser, so that you can connect and experience the new decentralized web and all your favourite ‘Dapps’.

Connect with your wallet and you can use your tokens directly. Securely perform transactions or use dapp features from your wallet.

Use the web3 browser QR code scanner to connect with Dapps quickly and easily. Access on-chain and off-chain functions.

We created a custom Home Page for our Web3 Browser for Iphone iOS

We added following categories of Dapps to the list:




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Keep Your Collectibles

Want to buy, sell and manage your NFTs and ERC721 collectibles? Keep, manage and trade. Own your world with RYIPAY.

Manage, trade and securely keep your in-game assets and unique rewards under your control. RYIPAY wallet available for Android and iOS.

DeFi Wallet Features

Designed to work with most major blockchains in a decentralized manner where an app doesn’t depend on some server of a wallet provider to send/receive transactions but interacts with blockchain networks directly.

Privacy Focused >> Designed to allow for privacy even in the most privacy breaching scenarios. There are no user accounts keeping your records, no identity checks that risk exposing your financials to the world, and no interaction with traditional finance layer.

Fully Open Source >> Perhaps the most transparent wallet application built to date. The entire 3-year production process of the app is openly accessible online along with 100% of its code for anyone to evaluate or Verifiy/ audited.

Blockchain Academy >> The app includes 24 courses that are meant to onboard newcomers into the world of cryptocurrencies and DeFi. With a easy-to-digest manner, covering essential aspects of cryptocurrency security, storage, privacy, transacting, exchanging and more.


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